Indian Local Suburban Trains for Easy Commuting

In India nearly a millions of people make their journey through suburban trains otherwise called Indian local Suburban trains. These trains work on a daily basis and it commutes and interlink between the cities major towns, area….etc. 

Majority of the people including older age to younger age makes use of this wonderful mode of transportation for making their journey. From this we could also understand that these trains will always be rushed full of people.

If you are interested in knowing the facts of those suburban trains then this would surely guide you and also I will let you know in India where these trains are actively running.

Before getting started with this, let us know what suburban trains?

What are Suburban Trains?

Suburban rail is a rail service that runs between a city’s central business district and the suburbs, a conurbation, or other areas where big crowds gather on a daily basis. Suburban trains are the name of the trains. “Local trains” or “locals” are other terms for these trains.

Many major Indian cities’ public transportation systems rely heavily on suburban rail. Hyderabad, Pune, Barabanki-Lucknow, Lucknow-Kanpur, and Bengaluru’s suburban rail systems do not have distinct suburban tracks and instead share tracks with long-distance trains. Chennai and Mumbai’s suburban rail systems feature both dedicated and shared lines with long-distance trains. 

Now let’s see where are all these suburban trains running and what are the locations of that particular suburban or these Indian local trains actively running.

Different Suburban Railways of India

The Indian Railway network divides this suburban rail network based on the location of its operation and journey as a result many improvements are taking place in each of the Suburban rail network

  • Chennai Suburban Railway
  • Mumbai Suburban Railway
  • Kolkata Suburban Railway
  • Delhi Suburban Railway or Local trains
  • Hyderabad Suburban Railway or MMTS
  • Pune Suburban Railway or Local trains
  • Pernem–Karwar Suburban Railway
  • Barabanki – Lucknow Suburban Railway

Chennai Suburban Railway or Local trains

The Chennai Suburban Railway is an Indian Railways commuter rail system in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is the second-largest suburban rail network in India in terms of route length and the third-largest in terms of commuters. Around 1,000 services are offered between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and midnight. 

After Mumbai and Kolkata, it is India’s third busiest suburban train system. Local and fast trains have their own tracks. Electrical multiple units (EMUs) using alternating current (AC) drawn from overhead wires via the catenary system are used in the system

There are 1,000 services in the suburban sector, including 250 in the Beach–Chengalpattu route, 240 in the Chennai Central–Arakkonam part, and 90 in the Chennai Central–Gummidipoondi portion.

It is India’s longest suburban circular circuit.with a length of 235.5 kilometres.

Mumbai Suburban Railway or Local trains

The Mumbai Suburban Railway system is operated by Indian Railways’ two zonal divisions, Western Railways (WR) and Central Railways (CR). The Central and Western Railways’ rapid commuter rail routes are shared by long-distance and freight trains, but inner suburban services run on separate parallel tracks. WR runs the Western Line, whereas CR runs the Central, Harbour, Trans-Harbour, Vasai–Roha, Neral–Matheran, and Panvel–Karjat lines.

Kolkata Suburban Railway or Local trains

The Kolkata Suburban Railway is a suburban rail line in India that serves Kolkata and its surrounding districts. It has the most stations and is the country’s largest suburban railway network. It also has the fifth largest Suburban rail system in the world. The system is made up of six main lines and nineteen branch lines. The suburban train provides over 1,500 services and transports 3.5 million passengers daily and 1.2 billion people annually.

Indian Railways operates the system through two zones: the Eastern Railway zone and the South Eastern Railway zone. These zones are further subdivided into the Eastern Railways Howrah and Sealdah divisions and the South Eastern Railway’s Kharagpur division. The three primary terminals serving the network in the city are Howrah, Sealdah, and Kolkata.

Meanwhile, get to know about the Various classes of INDIAN Railways.

Delhi Suburban Railway or Local trains

The Delhi Suburban Railway is a suburban train service run by Northern Railway for the National Capital Region (NCR). This railway service serves Delhi as well as the neighbouring districts of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, and other places in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. These services are generally provided by EMU and MEMU rakes. This comprises passenger trains and DMU services up to Rewari in Haryana, which is part of the NCR. There are now 46 railway stations in Delhi.

Hyderabad Suburban Railway or MMTS

The Hyderabad Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) is a suburban rail system in Hyderabad, India. It is run by the South Central Railway, a joint venture of the Telangana government and the South Central Railway. The 50-kilometer-long (31-mile-long) system is divided into three sections: Falaknuma–Lingampalli, Hyderabad–Falaknuma, and Hyderabad–Lingampalli.

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Pune Suburban Railway or Local trains

Pune suburban railway, commonly known as Pune Local rail network, is a suburban rail system in Pune District, Maharashtra that connects Pune to its suburbs and nearby villages. Central Railway operates it (CR). The system is divided into two routes: Pune Junction–Lonavala and Pune Junction–Talegaon.

Pernem–Karwar Suburban Railway

It is a suburban railway that operates as part of the Indian railroads’ Konkan railways. It serves Goa and a little portion of Karnataka (karwar alone). This suburban Railway operates DMU, EMU, and MEMU trains as local trains. It began operations on April 1, 2015.

Barabanki – Lucknow Suburban Railway

Barabanki – Lucknow Northern Railways, North Central Railway, and North Eastern Railway operate the Suburban Railway, which connects Lucknow to Barabanki. These services are generally provided by EMU and MEMU rakes. However, it lacks separate suburban tracks and must share the rails with long-distance trains.

These are all the active suburban railways that are running India and still the Indian government has planned to improvise and extend its service so that it would be helpful for the commuters.

I hope this would be helpful.

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